Giveaway Winner

Thanks to everyone who participated in the giveaway!  I wasn’t expecting as many contestants, so it was a lot of fun, and made the odds a little bit more interesting.  After writing a complicated computer algorithm, and putting everyone’s names in, we finally have results…just kidding.  I didn’t write an algorithm, LiLi picked your name out of her pumpkin bucket.

Here is the result:

Congrats Kim!  E-mail me your address (at so I can send you your prize.  And thanks again to everyone who participated!


The following is a poem I memorized in Mrs. Brineholt’s 6th grade class. Days like today make the poem go through my head. Then I get spring fever and curse this blasted snow!!


In February there are days,
Blue, and nearly warm,
When horses switch their tails and ducks
Go quacking through the farm.
When everything turns round to feel
The sun upon its back -
When winter lifts a little bit
And spring peeks through the crack.

~Dorothy Aldis

Just a note. As of today I only have a hundred days (and counting) left!! I’m so excited!

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P.S. Thanks…

With the Thanksgiving holiday on my heels, I woke up this morning thinking about all of the Thanksgivings in my life. The ones I remember the most clearly were at my Grandma and Grandpa Leavitt’s house. My grandpa Leavitt pulled out all of the stops. There were mountains of mashed potatoes, plenty of olives for little kids to stick on their fingers, long tables crowded in their living room adorned with tall glasses and fabric napkins elegantly folded, and of course the star of the show was the turkey. It was a work of art, perfectly cooked and stuffed with celery and olive stuffing, and on the breast, was an intricate pattern of bay leaves and who knows what else carefully placed under the skin. I haven’t seen a turkey to equal it since, especially since I can’t remember the last time I was able to spend Thanksgiving at my Grandma Leavitt’s house, and my grandpa passed away more than twelve years ago. But I think that Thanksgiving will forever remind me of him. Sometimes I feel cheated. I feel cheated whenever I step onto my grandma’s walk and notice that there aren’t any over-fertilized hollyhocks the size of my head anymore, when I realize that my kids won’t ever see that clever twinkle that he sometimes got, and you knew that something exciting and fun was going to happen, and that they won’t be able to have Thanksgivings like I had as a little kid. I know if he were here he’d tell me to knock it off, and be thankful for the people who I’ll see around the table this holiday. And he’s absolutely right. There’s a lot to be thankful for, even with this economy.
I recently started carrying around a little pocket book that listed everything I could think of that I was thankful for, and so, here are a few things from it:
My thankful list:

~phone calls & text messages
~second chances
~little hands to hold
~the ability to heal
~the ability to change
~Ben, Jerry, and their marvelous ice cream
~mothers and fathers
~sisters and brothers
~family in all forms
~laugh lines
~people who read this blog
~warm conversations
~Don’s mischievous smile
~long conversations
~delete buttons
~winter nights
~tickle tortures
~answered prayers
~hot chocolate
~hearing my baby’s heartbeat for the first time
~the look on Don’s face when I told him he was going to be a dad
~Ashley calling me a mean name when I told her she was going to be an aunt because she didn’t believe me (apparently I’ve used that one too many times…)
~graduation being only three weeks away
~dinosaur pajamas
~Dorito eating-sisters
~morning sickness
~things that don’t make me gag (tying my shoes makes me gag now…)
~the fact that someone who is infinitely smarter and wiser than me is running the universe
~the chance to be a mother

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