Photography: Judges Wanted

I’m taking a photography class. I figured since I have this great camera that I should figure out how to use it. So, I made it a New Year’s Resolution to learn about the basics. Can you keep a secret? I don’t think that I’ve ever kept a New Year’s Resolution, so be super excited for me, okay?
Anyway, I’ve been taking pictures like crazy, and I need you to help me decide which pictures I’m going to showcase for my class. In this case I can’t decide between some of LiLi’s, and since I can’t have all of my pictures be of her, I need to narrow it down to one. So let me know your vote in the form of a comment and why you like it best (i.e. composition, light, or just plain “because” will do). I have until next Wednesday to decide. Thanks for your help!!

Option #1:

Option #2:

Option #3:

Photography Kick

Since I’ve gotten this new camera I’ve been on a photography kick. On Tuesday I conned Ashley into being my model. We went to a nearby old stone church and a canyon, and I went crazy with my camera. Here are some pics, I guess I need to put a disclaimer in here for Ashley’s sake, saying that it was in no way her idea to take a thousand pictures of her. It was all me. She’s such a good model; she’s so pretty. I had fun.

Fairy tale Panorama

I really like this picture, it looks like it should be in a story book.