My little Adelei went to her first day of Preschool yesterday.  Can you believe it?  She and her cousin Taylor are enrolled in the same school.  Tiny Footsteps.  Preschool names kill me.  We had looked at another one called Pokey Pencil.  They were so excited to go to preschool!  Adelei has been wanting to go to school for years.  When she was 3 she noticed all the little kids walking to and from school past our house.  She’s has been carrying around her princess backpack for days.  preschool Taylor & LiLi

It’s incredible how much Adelei’s changed since I last posted, isn’t it?

the girls

Left to Right: Adelei, Taylor, Audrey & Brooklyn

These are all my girlies.  Aren’t they adorable?? Brooklyn and Taylor are my nieces, and you have yet to be introduced to my little Miss Audrey.  She is half tornado, half angel.  She’s going through a screaming banshee faze that’s driving me 50 shades of cray cray.

Also, it’s Don’s 33rd b-day today.  Happy b-day Honey!!  But we’ve been celebrating for the last two days.  Last night we ate the birthday cake (Lime Torte) that I made him.  We had some friends  & family over to share it with us.

Montage 2

Don blowing out his candles & Silly Lilly (my sister-in-law)

Rebecca & Cory

Cory & Rebecca Jacobsen


the kiddos. L to R, Sophie (Cory & Rebecca’s), Brooklyn, Adelei, & Taylor
montage I

Momma Donna (Don’s Mom) & Jens (Cory & Rebecca’s little boy)

Thanks to all the friends and family who make our lives rich!

2 thoughts on “Changes

  1. I can’t believe she is in preschool. It is crazy. My two oldest are in school all. day. long. It is so quiet at home while they are gone. I miss seeing you! We need to do something soon.

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