Photography: Spring Pictures

I’m so glad that spring is finally here. I thought Old Man winter would never give up. Ahhhh, spring. This means fragrant blossoms, warbling birds, well-groomed gardens, evening walks , and lots and lots of sunshine!! Color is back in the world.

And my camera is loving it.

3 thoughts on “Photography: Spring Pictures

  1. wonderful pictures erin! i love spring as well it's i wish it could be spring 11 months of the year!(one month would be winter but that would be dec)

  2. You sure take some amazing pictures!!! We are planing a camping trip to bear lake this summer, would you guys be up for joining us? We are thinking July 17ish.

  3. I love all the pictures… but my favorite is with Lili's little toes all curled up… hee hee she's so cute. You have quite the natural talent with your camera you camera-happy-hippie. HA hAA!

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