Musings: Denver Road Trip


Denver, CO  + Evan & Ashlee + italian sodas

- LiLi Bugs (thanks Momma Dona!) + shopping +

doing whatever the heck we wanted =

one of the best weekends ever.  period.


We’ve known Evan & Ashlee for more than five years now.  They were in the same singles ward as us before we got married, and after, they were in the same married student ward (since we both lived in Aggie Village).  If there’s one couple perfectly suited to Don & I it would be Evan & Ashlee.  Not only are they both fellow Engin-nerds, but they’re also some of the funnest, craziest people that we know.  They’re the kind-of people that are up for anything, and the kind-of friends where you can pick up where you left off, no matter how long it’s been.  Unfortunately once we all graduated the punks moved to Colorado.  Thus the road trip, Don & I go through withdrawals sometimes.